Civil Appeals

Civil Appeals are all non-criminal appeals including matrimonial and family law, commercial, real estate, and estate matters appeals.  Civil appeals may be brought before a final verdict or decision which is distinct from criminal appeals where only the prosecution may file an appeal prior to the final outcome.  When an appeal is brought before the case is concluded with a final decision, it is called an interlocutory appeal.  Civil cases commonly seek dismissal of a case that is not worthy of trial prior to the trial.  It is brought by motion and is called a Motion for Summary Judgment.  This is an example of a decision that may be worth an interlocutory appeal.

Civil appeals require strict adherence to court rules in creating the appellate record, writing the briefs, and submitting all documentation in support of the appeal.  If a trial court’s decision is adverse to you and you choose to appeal it immediately, an appellate lawyer should be contacted immediately.  Appellate work is complex and the rules are seldom navigated successfully by non-lawyers.  It is important to note that appeals present significant challenges even for the most successful trial lawyers.

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