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Keliann M. Argy, Esq., LL.M.

Keliann M. Argy (formerly Elniski), Esq., LL.M., attended the University of Southern California.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University’s prestigious Cinema-Television school where she concentrated on Critical Studies, where she harnessed her distinctive and artful writing skills.  Thereafter, Ms. Argy returned home to pursue a Masters in English and Media Studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo, graduating summa cum laude, and receiving recognition for research on redistricting presented at the National Political Science Convention as well as authoring the published manuscript ‘A Walk Street Named Clubhouse’.

Ms. Argy received her J.D. from the University of Pittsburgh where she was a recipient of the Owens Fellowship and Teplitz Scholarship award.  While in law school, Ms. Argy also represented her family in a business venture, jointly developing a school bus safety product with a leading German fuel-cell technology company.  Ms. Argy secured exclusive distribution rights to the US market during her second year of law school together with advancing her expertise in breath analysis by completing and receiving certification from the Indiana University Center for Studies of Law in Action, Alcohol, Drugs and Highway Safety: Testing, Research and Litigation.  She later became an authority on ignition interlocks introducing and co-authoring legislation in her father’s name, testifying before the New York State and Connecticut legislative bodies, and receiving citation recognition on patents.

Ms. Argy continued to work in her family-owned businesses, where she also gained significant experience in all types of business-related issues including, extensively, in the area of shareholder and complex contract  disputes.  Corporate legal matters, later, compelled Ms. Argy to return to the State University of New York at Buffalo for her Masters of Law.  She graduated with Honors and was the Executive Editor of the Buffalo Criminal Law Review.  Her work included Appellate Brief writing for the Orleans County District Attorney’s Office.

For a short time, Ms. Argy practiced with a civil defense firm, but as her background dictated, it wasn’t long before Ms. Argy became a solo practitioner and eventually founded Elniski Law P.C., a firm dedicated to helping clients through her extensive experience in Appellate practice, Closely-held Business practices, and Shareholder dispute prevention and resolutions.  Elniski Law P.C. limits the remainder of its practice to specific areas of law that are an extension of and incorporate Ms. Argy’s expertise and writing abilities.

Ms. Argy is currently a member of the New York State Bar Association, Erie County Bar Association, Cattaraugus County Bar Association, Ontario County Bar Association, and the New York State Defenders Association

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