Research and Writing Assistance

Research and Writing Assistance for Other Attorneys

Attorney Keliann Argy works closely with other attorneys as well, providing comprehensive research and analysis of legal issues.  She has also written briefs and other documents for attorneys who need help managing their caseloads.

Ms. Argy takes attorney referrals throughout the state and offers an array of Appellate services from conducting legal research and preparing analysis of legal issues to handling the entire appeal.  She can prepare all written documents, including motions and briefs, and handle some appearances that are necessary in a civil or criminal appeal.

When an experienced Appellate attorney is needed to handle the entire Appellate process, or simply provide assistance with the research or preparation of briefs or motions, Ms. Argy provides the dedicated service the appellate case and process requires.

We welcome you contacting Elniski Law, P.C. to discuss Appellate services on a matter in your office.

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